Prophetic Dream: Jan 19 2022 – Catching Flight Home:

Prophetic Dream: Jan 19 2022 – Catching Flight Home:

On January 19, 2022, I was praying at around 5am when I went into a prophetic dream. I was with my daughter in France for what looked like a Christian tour.  A lot happened in France, but what stands out is the end of the dream.

The scene had changed to a remote western African setting. We were in a van with some people headed to a remote airport. It looked like we were returning home. I got so distracted chatting with the people on the trip that I got off at the wrong terminal, and checked our luggage to the wrong carrier. That flight was leaving around 10pm, so I thought we had time, and continued chatting with the people. That took time away from getting to the correct gate in time. Soon, I found out that we were at the wrong gate, that our flight was scheduled to depart at 6:38pm, which was a few minutes away. Panic hit! We left our luggage checked in with the wrong carrier and ran to find our gate. We found they had closed the check-in counter, but one young man was still in the kiosk turning off the lights. I banged the door and pleaded with him to check us in. He Said his boss had the keys to the computers and had just walked out. He came out, yelled out to his boss, begging him to give him access to check us in. The manager came back, gave him access, and he checked us in. He gave us directions to our flight that was about to take off. He said we had only 5 minutes. Sadly, I didn’t hear the instructions properly, we ended up going to the wrong gate. I got out of the dream panicking and asking everyone to show us the way to our flight.


The fact that the airport crew returned to check us in, despite the fact that it was our fault that we were late, signifies that there is mercy and grace for a second chance.

I believe that this is a message, not just for me, but for a number of people in the body of Christ. You feel weighed down by guilt and condemnation for missed opportunities. But I want to assure you that no matter what you did to contribute to the setbacks you experienced in the previous years, God has released grace to start over. There is a window of opportunity to embark on those ideas, plans, and projects you have been putting off for so long. There is grace to step into the appointed place that God has for you.

We had to leave our luggage behind to have a chance to make it to our flight in time. This signifies that we have to let go of whatever has weighed us down and held us back in previous seasons. We need to let go of some things to launch out into the new season.

I was distracted chattering with people on the trip that I checked our luggage to the wrong carrier. I believe the Lord is saying to the body of Christ that in order to get to the appointed place He has for each of us, we need to avoid unnecessary distractions.

When we finally got to the right gate, I didn’t hear the instructions from the crew about the exact location of our flight. We ended up at the wrong gate again. In this season, it is crucial to hear the instructions that God is releasing clearly before we embark on any significant project or endeavor. He is wanting to give us specific instructions as pointers. For us to be able to hear Him clearly, we need to be still and know He is God. To wait in His presence no matter how long it takes to get the clarity and direction. This is the only way to ensure we launch out successfully.

Lastly, in the month of January (and throughout 2021), I sensed a demonic assignment to distract, block and hinder Christians from hearing the lord clearly. The intent was to hinder the body of Christ from launching out to the right place, at the right time, with the right people. But God reveals the plans of the enemy so we pray and He intervenes. This assignment can be swatted through spending quality time in the word, worship, and prayer. And being intentional about tuning in to what Father is saying.


Father God, I thank You that You reveal the agenda of the enemy so we can pray and You intervene. Thank You, Lord, for the strategies You have released to the body of Christ to swart the plans of the enemy. Lord, I pray for grace for the body of Christ to arise and sever all distractions and carnal agendas. I pray that You burn Your fire of revival into our souls. That nothing else will matter without YOU. Burn Your love and desire into our Souls. Help us to stand still and know that You are God.