Gigi is a very creative, passionate girl. She loves to dance, draw, sketch, sing, and play piano! In her downtime, she sometimes creates cute, fun comics on christian, blogging girls that go on amazing adventures. She also creates beautiful, unique and positive designs that are used on t-shirts, bags, and more!

Other Things gigi enjoy…

  • Skating (ice skating, roller blading, and roller skating)
  • Music
  • crafts!

Gigi’s vision is to reach the youth across the world with content that is pure and reflects heaven culture. She will use blogs, you-tube videos, comics, and posts to empower and equip the youth to know and serve God in every capacity.

images and voice over by Gigi Jan 2021
The First Christmas Story – Besties blog 1
Images & Voice Over by Gigi 01/18/2021

The Power of Prayer – Bestie blogs bible stud

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13 yrs ago, the Lord brought you into our world. You have brought so much joy into my life. The slimy kisses, stinky diapers, hugs, love-U sticky notes, unconditional love, and furious loyalty, have made what we have been through worth it all. You have made me the happiest mom in the whole world. #happymother’s day to all moms.

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