Before God establishes you in your assignment/appointed place
Images and Voice over created by GIGI Jan, 2021

Bestie blogs bible study: The Power of Prayer!by Gigi on Jan 18 2021

One thought on “Videos

  1. To my subscribers, I apologised for taking so long to post a word of encouragement and empowerment here. I recently started working from home full time, and homeschooling my middle-school kiddo through an online program. I have been adjusting to the busy schedule I was thrown into. However, this is a priority, this is destiny. I am working on some posts and as soon as they are ready I will post them.

    When the Lord releases me to, I will start the live streams and there shall be ministrations in prayer, deliverance, and words of knowledge. For now, if you have a prayer request, please post it here, or send it to the ministry email; We will pray and get back to you with feedback. Our heart is to see people set free from generation, bloodline bondages, and see them realize their God-appointed assignment.

    In His Service,

    Christine Blessing


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